Bulletin: Planetary Anthology Uranus is LIVE!!

The paperback edition for Planetary Anthology: Uranus is live on Amazon right now! Fourteen authors, including yours truly, have tales of creation and new beginnings in this volume. The e-book* is still available for pre-order but will not go live until March 3.

If you purchase a copy of the paperback* through the above links, Amazon will pay this author a small fee at no extra cost to you. The same will be true if you buy something completely different through these links. So while you are there, if you haven’t already picked up a copy, you might want to purchase Unbound III: Goodbye, Earth*, which features one of my other stories.

A third review came in for this collection a little while ago. Here is the screenshot:

If the picture is hard to read, here is the transcription:

Top international reviews


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 16, 2019

(Disclosure – I am one of the authors featured in the collection. I will not be commenting on my story) Unbound 111: Goodbye Earth is a nice collection of stories that all have a connection to saying goodbye to earth in one way or another. Varied writing styles make for a pleasant and swift read. Stand out stories are IX: Departure by Steven Fritz – a cancer cure with a difference; All the Lamps are Lit by Carol Furlong – a heart warming tale of acceptance and Sorbet Junction by Sharon Kae Reamer – a story of escape and alternatives. A broad swathe of SF tropes ensures there’s something for everyone here.

My story is the first in this collection, and so it is really nice to know someone enjoyed it. If you already have a copy of Unbound III or some of my other stories, please leave a review on Amazon. Not only would it make my day to know what you thought of it, but it would help new readers find these publications!

So don’t wait! Pick up Planetary Anthology: Uranus and Unbound III today!

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