ANOTHER Sword in the Stone Story….

Good grief, they just keep popping up! Click on the link to learn more about the latest sword discovered in a stone, readers. I should really start checking my local waterways for antique or ancient weapons….

Sword in the underwater stone

Divers Discover Fully Intact Medieval Sword in Underwater Stone

Nov 5, 2019

Ian Harvey

In Bosnia’s Republika Srpska, the Vrbas River has held a secret for around seven centuries. A medieval sword was recently discovered stuck in a stone thirty-six feet down at the bottom of the river. Divers from the RK BUK, a boating and dive club in Banja Luka, found the sword in relatively good condition considering the amount of time spent underwater.

Republika Srpska Museum historian, Janko Vracar, announced that an analysis of the blade had been done and verified that the sword was from around the end of the 1200s to the first half of the 1400s. According to The Srpska Times, Vracar noted that the City of Banja Luka and Republika Srpska are prioritizing the conservation of the weapon which is a rare find in the region.

The stone holding the sword was beginning to crack apart and archaeologists removed as much of it surrounding the sword as they could while it was still underwater but still had to bring up a bit of the rock which will also be tested.

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