A New Type of Nuclear Reactor

While it will not fit in your pocket, this innovative reactor is definitely small enough to make nuclear power plants easier to build and maintain. This is especially true of those which may be built near populated areas. Click the link below to learn more:


The Tiny, Simple Nuclear Reactor That Could Change Energy

By Caroline Delbert

Dec 13, 2019

  • An Oregon energy startup has a modular nuclear power reactor 1/100th the size of a traditional reactor and is supposedly far safer.
  • The reactors can be installed in multiples to scale up or down to a location’s power needs.
  • Traditional U.S. nuclear plants are reaching end of life, and the technology is simply outdated.

An energy startup in Oregon wants us to rethink our reluctance to embrace nuclear energy, Wired reports. NuScale Power studies new reactor technology from a lab on the Oregon State University campus—the same university where the 2019 climate crisis petition began. Their cutting-edge reactor is tiny and, its proponents insist, much safer than our existing notions of nuclear energy lead us to believe.

The oldest operating U.S. nuclear power reactor opened in 1969, and even the newest powered on in the mid-1990s. One completed in 2016, started construction back in 1973. “Only two new reactors are under construction in the U.S., but they’re billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule,” Wired reports.

Like our aging and increasingly dangerous infrastructure, these nuclear plants need to be comprehensively updated or replaced, and soon.

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One thought on “A New Type of Nuclear Reactor

  1. This is a start in the right direction. This sort of stuff, Pebble Bed, and Liquid Salt Moderated Thorium systems are where we desperately need to go. If you want REAL “green” that is green power for real- this is the path there.

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