Reposted – How I Overcame Writer’s Block: 5 Techniques

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How I Overcame Writer’s Block: 5 Techniques
Have you ever lost traction on a writing project, or wondered if you can actually finish writing a whole book? I’ve been there! 

This is the story of how I finally beat writer’s block.

With my first novel, Poison Bay, I often wondered if I could write a whole book. You can’t really know till you’ve done it. Just write. My best suggestion if that’s holding you back is that instead of asking yourself “what if I can’t write a book” try asking “what if I can?” Reframe the question.

With my second novel in the Wild Crimes series, Venom Reef, I already had evidence that I could indeed write a whole book, but then the manuscript stalled at 38,000 words.

Just stopped.

Not a small interruption. It stalled for more than two years!

I’d invested a lot in this manuscript.

  • I loved the story and the setting, and was excited about the development of my continuing characters and how it would build the series. 
  • I’d done an expensive and difficult research trip to a tiny island on the Great Barrier Reef. I’d interviewed university researchers and made videos and taken a million photos and videos. I’d taken two weeks out of a busy schedule for a personal writing retreat and written a chunk of words. 
  • When I got home from the trip, I’d persevered with bleary-eyed 5 am writing slots, eating away at my word count target.
  • And I’d even added a teaser for Venom Reef to the back of Book 1.

Then, suddenly, at 38,000 words, I just couldn’t seem to touch it.

How embarassing!

Kind and enthusiastic friends kept asking me how my book was going, which is such a lovely thing for them to do, but also excruciating. 

Do you know what I’m talking about?

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