Built to Last

If you happen to know someone who wants to buy a bunker, readers, this article may be just what you need to see!

Bunker for sale

Nuclear Missile Silo for Sale in the Arizona Desert – Take a Look Inside

Nov 22, 2019 Ian Harvey

A missile silo is for sale and can be yours if you want it. Many people have private dreams of a special space to call their own.  That place might be a shack on the beach, a cabin deep in the woods, a reproduction of a medieval castle, or some even more fanciful location.  If someone has enough resources, they can find their happy place. Even if it’s a nuclear missile silo.

Yes, a missile silo.

A recent report in the Guardian says that there’s one for sale near Tucson, Arizona, for a fairly reasonable price, just under $400,000.  The silo has been decommissioned, but it was once the home of the Titan II, which was the largest intercontinental ballistic missile in the Air Force’s arsenal.

All photos below were taken by Casey James and more can be found at Luxe Realty Photography. Real estate listing and agent information can be found at the end of the article.

In the 20 years from the early ‘60s to the early ‘80s, Tucson was surrounded by missile silos like this one.  Each one was capable of launching a Titan II in under half an hour, and sending it over 6,000 miles to reach its intended target. The warheads on those missiles were 6000 times more destructive than the bomb that hit Hiroshima.

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