Reposted: Want to Make More Time for Writing? You’ll Have to Give Up These 3 Things

Check out this great piece by Meg Dowell over at Novelty Revisions, readers:


Creating time to write is sometimes more challenging than writing itself.

Which barely seems true … until you fail three nights in a row to work on that novel you’ve always dreamed of writing because there just aren’t enough hours in the day gosh darn it.

This, at the very least, is true. Time is finite, and we’re generally pretty bad at managing how we use it. Quick glances at Twitter turn into hour-long scrolls. You can never watch “just one episode.” Because writing so often feels like work, it’s an activity often much less appealing than, well … most other things.

And yet, some days we want nothing more than to have the discipline and even the courage to make more time for pursuing or creative ambitions. We just don’t always know how to make it work.

Sometimes, achievement does involve sacrifice. But while there are some things you don’t have to “give up” completely, there are a few things that you will need to change.

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