Is There Liquefied Glass on the Moon?

The Chinese say there is. Apparently, before it “took a nap,” their Yutu-2 rover snapped some photographs of a strange substance on the dark side of the moon. Once they saw the odd goo, scientists reactivated the machine and had it begin testing the gunk to try and figure out what it is.

Currently, the sole theory about this goop is that it may be liquefied glass. A meteor strike could, hypothetically, leave this substance behind. Nuclear blasts on Earth have left deposits of a glass-like matter known as trinitite, so this discovery would not be unprecedented.

But the fact that the Chinese have said so little about their find makes it hard to be sure just what this extraterrestrial material may be. Even if it turns out to be nothing of note, the idea of liquefied glass possesses a lot of story potential. Click the link to the article at The Vintage News to learn more, readers. One thing is certain – this is a good topic with which to start a conversation!

Mysterious Gooey Substance Found on Moon Could Change Everything

Ian Harvey

Sep 8, 2019

Chinese scientists and researchers discovered a potentially new substance on the moon when its lunar rover, Yutu-2, was roaming over the moon’s surface, one official suspected is fallout from a meteor that may have crashed on the lunar surface’s far side.

Its rover had “gone to sleep” for its mid-day nap while scientists back in China were perusing photographs it had taken. The ones it had shot revealed to the team back on earth a small crater containing an odd, gooey, gelatinous material. Immediately, the rover “woke up” to begin checking out just what the material was, and soon discovered it was a kind of liquefied glass most likely caused by a meteor striking the moon.

The Chinese have not yet revealed precisely what the rover learned about the meteor or the liquid, but speculations abound about both.

Mahesh Anand, a planetary scientist with the Open University in the U.K., told Newsweek recently that, while it’s difficult to say with any authority just what the moon substance is, since Chinese officials have said so little, he believes it could indeed be a type of liquefied glass. He noted that, should that turn out to be the case, the news would indeed turn out to be truly remarkable.

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