A Vacation Spot for Bibliophiles and Theater-Enthusiasts

No, your eyes do not deceive you, readers. This Argentinian theater was transformed into a massive book store. And it looks beautiful!

Learn more about the bookstore through the article below. If you are looking for a nice, quiet place to spend the New Year, keep this location in mind. It might be just what you need after a busy holiday season. 😉

100-Year-Old Theater Is Turned Into A Stunning Bookstore

There are some people who enjoy taking an active vacation. They may enjoy anything from snowboarding or skiing all the way to bungee jumping. It just seems as if they can’t get enough of that active lifestyle and they want to go home again as tired as possible from the trip they just took. The rest of us, however, find that a relaxing vacation is the best option available. If you are somebody who loves the thought of sitting on a beach or in a mountain resort and curling up with a cozy book, then we have something to add to your bucket list.

An Argentinian theater that is 100 years old was transformed into something that you are going to find amazing. Back in the day, it would be the host to ballet, opera, movie screenings and many other events that you would expect to find in a theater. It was even a local movie theater for some time but that all changed in the year 2000. A publishing company teamed up with an architect and they transformed it into something that is loved by people who love books.

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