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War Photos – Soldiers and Their Cats

The picture of war is one of horror, darkness, and loss. While not inaccurate in itself, this image does leave out a few important facts. Even in the midst of degradation, humiliation, and human horror, there are quiet moments. There are scenes of kindness, concern, and love. Amidst ruin and desolation, there is hope.

If you watch the video below you will see a montage of photographs from World War II. American, Allied, and even German soldiers are present in these pictures. And so are their cats. Some of these animals lived aboard ship while others roamed near barracks and prison camps. Others were discovered in the rubble or bombed European cities. But no matter where they were found, the kindness shown to these animals highlights man’s capacity for compassion in the midst of evil.

None of us can say that all the soldiers or sailors in these photos were good people. Man can be kind to animals and a monstrous beast to his fellow men. Nevertheless, these pictures are a good reminder that though war is terrible, it is not entirely bleak. It has its quiet moments, its gentle scenes. As writers, that is something we desperately need to keep in mind.

Enjoy the video, readers:

Historical Photos of Cats And Their Soldiers in WWII and WWI

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