Bulletin: The Planetary Anthology Series Returns!

I have three major announcements to make today, readers. First, as you may or may not have heard, Superversive Press was compiling a series of anthologies centered on the nine planets of the Solar System (plus the sun and the moon). Unfortunately, Superversive had to cancel the series after releasing only five installments in the sequence.

Luckily, a separate publisher picked up the series. As of December 5, 2019, Richard Paolinelli’s company Tuscany Bay Books will release Planetary Anthology Pluto on Amazon. The compilation is available for pre-order right now, and you can buy it here through this link. The reason this author asks that you use this link specifically has to do with her second proclamation.

That announcement is this: as of now A Song of Joy and its writer are Amazon affiliates. An Amazon affiliate receives a small payment when someone purchases an item after clicking on a link posted to their website and makes a purchase. This fee does not come from the buyer but from Amazon, which pays the affiliate for hyping one or more items.

Why did this writer take the plunge and become an Amazon affiliate? Aside from the fact that it pays (who can say no to some extra cash?), if you follow me on Facebook you know that I like to give my fellow authors a boost from time to time. It is always a great deal of fun, and I have often wished to do the same on my website. Now that this novelist is an Amazon affiliate, she can help other writers reach a wider audience through more than Facebook posts.

So not only will you be able to buy my stories through Amazon’s links, you will see other affiliate advertisements for novels such as Rawle Nyanzi’s Shining Tomorrow Volume 1: Shadow Heart:

Monalisa Foster’s Ravages of Honor:

and Cirsova’s Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon:

Older materials will invariably appear here as well, since once this writer finds something good she has difficulty keeping it to herself. So expect to see some Sabaton, Zoids, X-Wing novels and other affiliate merchandise listed here on occasion, along with certain religious features. Keep an eye out in case you see something that catches your eye or which you believe will make a great Christmas gift for someone you know. 😉


Now for the third announcement: I have a story appearing in Planetary Anthology Luna, edited by none other than Declan Finn! Though the release date for Luna has yet to be revealed, with Pluto set to go live December 4, it seemed like a good time to let you know this story is on the way. Plus, I have been struggling to keep a lid on my participation in Luna until the delays were no longer an issue. With any luck Luna and the rest of the series will be available for you to purchase soon.

I would like to take the time to thank Richard Paolinelli for this wonderful opportunity. Tuscany Bay Books has been a pleasure to work with, and I cannot wait for Luna’s publication. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge, readers!

Well, that is all the news that is fit to print for now. Feel free to check out the affiliate links sprinkled throughout this article, along with these connections to Cirsova’s Summer Special and Unbound III: Goodbye, Earth. Maybe you will find something you will enjoy. 😉

See you in Planetary Anthology Luna!

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