Special Delivery!

It may have arrived fifty years late, but this is a letter that was worth the wait. Check out this story about a real “message in a bottle” that washed ashore in Alaska decades after landing in the ocean:

The 50-yr-old message in a bottle found.

Alaskan Man Finds 50-yr-old Message in a Bottle from Russia

Aug 15, 2019 Ian Harvey

Over fifty years ago a sailor from Russia threw over a message in a bottle. He was on the refrigerated cargo fishing ship, the Sulak and put a letter in a bottle and tossed it overboard into the Pacific Ocean.   On the 5th of August 2019, the bottle was finally discovered by an Alaskan man, Tyler Ivanoff. Ivanoff was searching the beach on Sarichef Island north of the Bering Strait for firewood and came across the bottle.

“I was just gathering firewood; everyone was just kind of picking berries, I just happened to stumble across the bottle, and I noticed it was a green bottle and had a cork top. Not really cork, it was a tight cap, and I could see inside the bottle there was a note.”

“My kids were pretty excited,” he continued. “They were wondering if it was a pirate’s note or treasure.”

He waited until he was back to his family to open it so his children could share the excitement and when they removed the note, they found a letter written in Russian and dated June 20, 1969.  Ivanoff knew a few words of Russian but not nearly enough to translate the letter. He decided to post the letter on Facebook to see if any of his friends could read the letter.

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