A New Form for an Old Myth

Have you ever heard the story of how the Northern Lights came to be? It is an old myth, with many variations among northern peoples. If an artist chooses to recast one or more of these tales he has several adaptations from which to pick.

An ancient Finnish fable was selected for the video you see below. One of the best pieces of animation I have ever seen, the story itself truly makes the video beautiful. The creators knew exactly how to bring this original legend to new life in a visually appealing manner.

Thanks go to Monalisa Foster for posting the link to this amazing video. Her web address is here, and I highly recommend following her. Along with Mrs. Foster’s previous works, she has a fantastic space opera series coming out, and the preview for the first novel is available here. It is intense!

Enjoy the video, readers!

Fox Fires

8 thoughts on “A New Form for an Old Myth

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