God Needs You (Yes, Really!)

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God Needs You


Published on July 25, 2019

God needs you. You who enjoy wealth beyond imagining and you who can’t find work. You who teach in an elite university and you who cleans his office at night, and you who ace his tests and you who fail them.

Or you, unable to move from the couch because you think you’ve wrecked your life. Or because other people wrecked it for you. And you brooding bitterly over those you hurt. God needs you. And you suffering because your miswired brain tells you your life sucks and you suck with it. You too. He needs you as much as he needs the rich man and the scholar. Maybe more.

The world praises those who succeed on its terms and condemns or ignores those who fail. As the Apostle Peter tells us, God doesn’t rank us that way. And the coolest thing is that He not only loves you, He needs you.

God Needs You

Yes, God’s complete in Himself. He doesn’t need you the way we need other people. God means being complete in Himself. He doesn’t need friends. He doesn’t need helpers.

Except that for reasons of His own He created a world in which He does need us to get done what He wants to get done. He set the rules, and by those rules He needs people. Not just people. Every single person.

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2 thoughts on “God Needs You (Yes, Really!)

  1. There is a major distinction: God does not need men but God wills men. And because His will is done on Earth as well as in Heaven we exist. And He wills us as free. To allow us to decide that we want to know Him, to believe in Him, to love Him, to be saved by Him. But he is not in any need. He just IS.


    • PS When somebody does not need you (objectively) but loves you – it is the purest kind of love. Unconditional one. Therefore, IMHO it is a much more wonderful mystery that God does not need you but wills you and loves you. Best regards.


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