Do You Know What Time It Is?

Rawle Nyanzi has a pretty good idea what time it is. He recently released a video called Time to Smack a Witch!, a short “silent” animated film you can view below:

Time to Smack a Witch!

Although there is no dialogue, I enjoyed the story. While it would have been nice to know the characters’ names and a few minor details about the plot, the general outline was patently clear and easy to follow. By the time the video finished I was smiling, which is a definite sign that the tale had hit the mark with this member of the audience.

Since Rawle plans to release more videos in the future, he has set up a Patreon page to facilitate their production. After watching his debut film, this author can say with all honesty that she would like to see another one soon. Visual entertainment with a story this good is hard to come by now, so any new material in this venue is always welcome.

If you like Time to Smack a Witch! as much as this writer did, sign up for his Patreon page or check out his novels. Both Shining Tomorrow and Sword and Flower are available on Amazon here and here. More stories will follow, so keep an eye on Rawle Nyanzi, readers. He is going places!

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