Songs from Sabaton

In keeping with the article on courage as inspiration for authors, this post lists the (growing) number of Sabaton songs that this writer listens to even when she is not writing. Each song has a story behind it, some of which are mentioned briefly beneath the videos made by Piscator (the notes beneath the videos for “Aces in Exile,” “Hearts of Iron,” “Smoking Snakes,”and “Saboteurs” are especially important for context). Comments left by various youtube patrons can also be good places to glean basic insights which will allow for more refined inquiries later on.

Those songs that were mentioned in the prior article are not listed below. Only those which were not mentioned before are available below. You will have to return to that post to find out more information on the incidents described in the lyrics.



The Lost Battalion


82nd All the Way


The Ballad of Bull


Inmate 4859


Soldier of Three Armies




Resist and Bite


To Hell and Back


A Ghost in the Trenches


Devil Dogs




Night Witches


Hearts of Iron


Screaming Eagles


Smoking Snakes


Panzer Battalion


Aces in Exile



4 thoughts on “Songs from Sabaton

  1. Great tributes to Sabaton!

    Small detail I appreciate in ‘Bismarck’ is that they refer to the ship in the masculine instead of the usual feminine. That’s actually historically accurate; the captain and crew referred to the Bismarck as ‘he’ because they said it was too big and powerful to be a lady.

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    1. Thank you!

      I wondered about that detail. It seemed appropriate, given the size and power of the ‘Bismarck,’ to refer to it in the masculine. Nice to know the captain and crew were the ones who referred to the ship as ‘he’ originally. They were right to do so!

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