A Valuable Study of the Story in Final Fantasy XV

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Last year, in “The Importance of Brotherhood in Fiction,” this author referenced an article on SuperversiveSF that discussed Final Fantasy XV, the then-latest release in Square Enix’s game series. Not being much of a video gamer, she knew little about the series or the story and had no interest in pursuing either at the time. Gaming takes up hours she has to spend on other matters – namely, writing stories – and so this author tends to eschew playing all but a few video games.

However, this does not make her averse to studying the stories these games portray when they catch her interest. Final Fantasy has managed to do that with two of its installments and a number of its characters. The one discussed today is Final Fantasy XV, which was reviewed here at SuperversiveSF and which is the subject of the videos below.

After stumbling across these videos by Ikkin, it became clear that they were too good not to share with other writers. Whether or not you are a Catholic, Christian, or a video gamer, I highly recommend you take the time to listen to her breakdown of the story in FFXV. Ikkin offers worthwhile insights into not only this tale in particular, but valuable storytelling tips as well. Her discourses are dense and may require more than one play through for full effect, so you might have to pause and/or replay them a number of times to grasp her points.

Listening to her analyses has given this author a better perspective on a number of themes to apply in future works. If there is one thing I have discovered, it is that there is almost no form of storytelling an author cannot learn from – if they are open to investigating the various forms without prejudice. Final Fantasy XV and several of its predecessor games are no exception to the rule. Whether you decide to play the games or, like this writer, prefer to listen to or read examinations of the stories within, take the opportunity to catch up on these valuable tales. They are well worth your time.

Ikkin Investigates: Christian Symbolism in FFXV


FFXV and the Catholic Imagination

A Thematic Overview of Final Fantasy XV


Ikkin Investigates: The Astrals as Modern Myth

5 thoughts on “A Valuable Study of the Story in Final Fantasy XV

  1. Final Fantasy 15 is very special to me, and the story is beautiful and completely and utterly heart-wrenching. There is so much symbolism in it and I love the lessons in it!

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    • Isn’t it strange how heart-wrenching stories can also be among the most beautiful? I haven’t played the game, but watching the cut scenes and Ikkin’s videos really brings the lessons and symbolism home in new and wonderful ways.

      Which FFXV character is your favorite? Prompto is the one I like best so far.

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      • It is strange! I always go back and watch the cutscenes, but I can’t watch the ending because it always makes me cry! I loved all the characters, especially Noctis and his friends, but I’m going to say that Prompto is my favorite!

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  2. So we’re both Prompto fans. Cool! What do you think of Aranea? I haven’t seen much of her, but she still made a good impression.

    It *is* hard to watch the ending. Same for the scene where Ignis is blinded; they’re both powerful scenes, but they also hit viewers hard emotionally. And then there’s the flashback to their final campfire together. Ouch…


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