Blind Guardian Playlist

Thanks to Ridersofskaith, Blind Guardian is now on my playlist. I’m not much of a metal fan, to be honest, but the four songs below have led this author to begin investigating the genre. Blind Guardian’s softer folk songs generally hit the spot. (And they are inspiring, too!)

Below are the four songs which strike the right balance for this writer so far. If you haven’t heard them (or Blind Guardian) before, these will be a good introduction. Metal music isn’t for everyone, and according to some research, too much of it can hamper creativity because it tends to be dark and somber. Luckily, these particular songs have helped this creator’s imagination rather than hindered it.

Enjoy the music, readers. I know I will!


Skalds and Shadows


Lord of the Rings


The Bard’s Song


Sacred Worlds

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