Left Brain, Right Brain – Laughing with Jean Robertson

Sometime ago this author was introduced to the work of comedienne Jean Robertson. I wish I had heard about her earlier – she is wonderful!! Through discovering the amusing in everyday life and ordinary events, Mrs. Robertson brings laughter and joy to this member of her audience. And her wonderful Southern accent only makes the stories better!

Just as a note going in, Mrs. Robertson affectionately calls her husband “Left Brain” due to his academic, logical approach to life. When you hear her talking about “Left Brain” in the videos below, he is the person to whom she is referring. A number of the stories she tells include incidents where his intellectual method of doing things had less than pleasant results.

Have fun listening to Mrs. Robertson, readers! And remember: there is as much humor to be found in the simple mix-ups and daily mistakes as there is in grand, elaborate jokes.

Jeanne Robertson “Don’t send a man to the grocery store!”


Jeanne Robertson “Don’t go rafting without a Baptist in the boat!”


Jeanne Robertson – Sleeping in Tubes (aka: Don’t ask Left Brain to reserve rooms)


Jeanne Robertson | Don’t Ask a Man to Clean the Carpets!


Jeanne Robertson | Left Brain is in the Building


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