Reposted: Writers and Editors, try THIS to Get More Done

Today I leave you with this intriguing article by Belinda Pollard, of Small Blue Dog Publishing:

Writers and Editors, try THIS to Get More Done

Have you heard of the psychological concept of Decision Fatigue? That we get to the point where we can’t make any more decisions? This article is about a simple technique you could try, to free up more energy and focus for your writing or editing.

Decisions, decisions

When I was young, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and men wore crimplene safari suits, meeting someone for coffee involved a choice between:

  1. a pot of tea OR
  2. a cappuccino in a cup and saucer.

Now think about the hot beverage board at your local cafe, the number of options in flavours, sizes, different kinds of milk.

An overabundance of Choice is the hallmark of modern western society. And if you’ve ever dithered over a minor decision, you already know that Choice can be a useful servant but a cruel master.

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