Do You Believe in Ghosts?

If you have been to Hadrian’s Wall, then perhaps you have seen a few. There have been many reports over the years of a fully armed Roman legion marching out from the wall only to vanish into thin air. Not only that, but the ghost of a Roman sentry may be seen there on certain occasions as well.

At first these sightings were dismissed by historians, especially after those who saw the legion stated that they were wearing green cloaks instead of the more familiar red. They also said the legion carried round shields rather than the usual square ones. However, research shows that the legion stationed near Hadrian’s Wall did in fact wear green cloaks and carry round shields. This was because they were auxiliary troops, which historians had not realized were stationed at this location before the sightings were confirmed.

The link below adds some important details, but it isn’t comprehensive. At least, this author would prefer to have a little more information on the sightings than this piece supplies. It is a start, however, one which may lead to more thorough reading later on. In any case, there is one final question for your consideration, readers….

Do you believe in ghosts?

Roman soldier

Roman Ghosts

Hear the word ‘ghosts’ and it is not Roman ghosts that you think of, I would wager. But that is exactly what these York ghosts are. They were clearly seen in February 1953 by an apprentice plumber called Harry Martingale as he worked in the cellars of the Treasurer’s House. A procession of Roman soldiers, ghosts dating from the 4th century.

Harry’s account was as follows. He was standing on a ladder when he heard what he described as ‘a tinny trumpet call’. At first, he thought that the sound must be coming from the road above him. However, he heard the sound several times and each time it appeared to be closer.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Ghosts?

  1. Yes, I do; I’m generally skeptical of ghost photography, just because they’re so easy to fake (that is, I don’t think there’s anything inherently impossible about it, but I tend to shrug off any individual cases unless there is very strong supporting evidence), but ghosts I believe in. There’s simply too many accounts from throughout the world and throughout history of people experiencing them, while the only really solid arguments I’ve heard against their existence can be accounted for by the fact that there are so many things about the world that we simply don’t know.

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    • Agreed; what we know about the world is much less than what we do *not* know about it. There’s more evidence to prove that ghosts *do* exist than there is to argue that they don’t. (Yes, photographs of ghosts are far too easily faked. But the stories behind them can be interesting – even when they are fabrications. 😉)

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