Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda

I can’t remember when, exactly, I first saw Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, but the show had a big impact on me. While it had some deficits in the writing department, it was still a memorable, entertaining science fiction romp. It ended roughly fourteen years ago, however, and this author almost forgot the show entirely as a result.

Recently, though, she began looking up the series again. So far it has been a pleasant trip down memory lane. The show still has numerous, intriguing concepts and it was well-executed for the most part. The fact that it is something of a stage production along the lines of Britain’s Doctor Who series adds a certain charm to it as well!

Coming back to Andromeda has been good for this author, a fact made apparent by her revived interest in the show’s music. It has just the right amount of classic flair, space operatic fantasy, and martial air, and it is easy to see why the show won an award for it. Goodness, I had almost forgotten how much I liked these tunes. Now it is almost impossible for me to stop listening to them!

Below are some videos which include the best examples of the series’ score. Enjoy the music, readers. I know I will!


The High Guard Battle March


The Battle of Hephaistos


Rev Bem Wayist Theme


The Angel of Death 


And while it is not from the show, this video and the music is still good to watch and listen to:

Andromeda Ascendant Goes to War

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