Interesting Facts about Butterflies

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30 Interesting Facts About Butterflies

February 1, 2018

  1. A San Francisco man saved a threatened butterfly species by replanting rare flora in his backyard, transporting caterpillars to his local botanical garden, where they began to make a comeback. –Source
  2. There is a species of butterfly that feeds only on the specific plant (Artemisia Vulgaris), which happens to like soil above mass graves. Forensic teams followed blue butterflies to help them uncover the mass grave sites. –Source
  3. Butterflies remember their days as a caterpillar. Despite going into a completely liquified state during metamorphosis, the neurons for their brain stay arranged as such to allow for the memories to stay intact. – Source
  4. In the Amazon, butterflies will drink the tears of turtles to provide necessary sodium in their diet. –Source
  5. More than 90 percent of the monarch butterfly population has vanished in the last 25 years. –Source
  6. The origin of the word “Butterfly” has come from its yellow excrement and the middle Dutch word boterschijte. The literal meaning is “butter-shitter”. –Source
  7. Costa Rica is home to 10% of the world’s known butterfly species. –Source
  8. There are parasite butterflies whose larvae mimic ant larvae so the worker ants will feed them, and mimic queen ants to get extra attention. Researchers once saw larvae attacked by the queen ants, upon which ant workers saved the butterflies and attacked their queens. –Source
  9. Some butterflies are half male and half female, with one colorful wing and one plain wing. –Source

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