Reposted: 4 Things You Should Know Before You Quit Writing Your Novel

I am taking a brief hiatus from writing Vocational Vivications to focus on other work. While I am away, please enjoy Mr. Jenkins’ lively article, readers:

before you quit writing

4 Things You Should Know Before You Quit Writing Your Novel

By Jerry B. Jenkins

You began with high hopes.

You envisioned a bestseller, imagined touring the country and meeting thousands of fans, even your own fawning relatives.

But now you’re stuck and wondering whether you should’ve even tried in the first place.

Maybe you ran out of story and have no idea how to salvage the mess you’ve created.

Self-doubt crept in, telling you your novel was no longer worth the effort.

As the author of 195 books, I can tell you you’re not alone. What I call the Marathon of the Middle—yes, that roughly half of your manuscript between your great opener and resounding closer—is one of the toughest challenges I face too—every time.

But in truth, everything about writing a book is hard.

If you’re on the verge of quitting for any of the reasons above—or myriad others, here are four things you can do:



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