Reposted: Should Self-Published Authors Create Their Own Publishing Imprints?

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Should Self-Published Authors Create Their Own Publishing Imprints?

by Debbie Young on May 7, 2015 in Book Production & Distribution

When you begin to self-publish your own books, one of the many questions that you will be asked by whichever distribution platform you use (e.g. CreateSpace, KDP, Ingram Spark, Lightning Source) is the name of your publisher. Considering the following points will help you decide how to answer that question, to which there are no absolute right or wrong answers. However, you need to find an answer that is right for you.

Self-published Authors = Author Publishers

As a self-published author, you have by definition assumed the responsibilities and the role of the publisher. Whether you do absolutely every task yourself involved in your books’ production, or whether you delegate specific tasks that fall outside your skill set, the buck stops with you. So, first answer – the publisher is undoubtedly you.

Does that mean you simply insert your author name in the “Name of Publisher” box? Not necessarily. You may also choose a publishing imprint name, to make your book sound more as if it has been published by a company rather than an individual.

Some self-published authors feel that putting anything other than their own name (e.g. “Publisher: Debbie Young”) feels like cheating – as if you are in denial of your self-published status. Many indie authors are proud to flourish their self-published status that way, and see it as a positive statement.

Others think using an imprint adds credibility and weight in the marketplace. Committing to an imprint might also encourage you to take your writing more seriously as a business enterprise. When I started to self-publish my own books, I named myself as publisher, but as I started to work in other genres, and to help friends self-publish their own books via my distribution platform dashboards, it felt the right time to up my game and create an imprint.

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