Endgame in Sight…

Well, readers, the trailer for Avengers: Endgame was finally released. You can view it below:

I have been wondering whether or not the studio would opt for bigger or smaller with the sequel to Infinity War. Looks like they went for smaller, which was the best choice possible. There is no way to top the third Avengers film’s scope, and it is good to see that the studio understood this. Endgame is coming out April 26 of next year, and I am definitely going to be watching it, mostly because I have to know how it is all going to end.

What about you? Are you going to see Endgame? If so, how do you think it will all end?

3 thoughts on “Endgame in Sight…

  1. Don’t usually do much guessing or theorizing, but as this is a special occasion…

    My guess is that most if not all the original Avengers will probably end up sacrificing themselves to save the world, or will receive some kind of permanent retirement (I actually think Iron Man is the most likely to survive. Cap I’m guessing is the least likely to make it). I’m guessing the Quantum Realm will prove key to defeating Thanos; vague theory is that the Infinity Gauntlet’s effects did not extend to the quantum realm (which is why Scott survived), and consequently there is a way to undo its effects from there. Captain Marvel, I’m guessing, will be on hand mostly as firepower support and won’t actually play that crucial a role (just because the Russo brothers have shown themselves to be too talented of writers to ruin things by making her the focus: she hasn’t earned the right to play a major role here).

    Above all, I’m really hoping for a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’-style moment where Thanos realizes that all his work is being undone and all his crimes were for nothing. They get that moment right, and I’ll allow almost anything else (especially if it’s at the hands of Scott; that would make a brilliant parallel of the guy who did everything for his daughter trumping the guy who sacrificed his own daughter for the goal that is now being taken away).

    Basically, this film and ‘King of the Monsters’ comprise my entire must see list for next year.

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    • I agree that things are looking grim for Cap, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what rationale the writers could provide for his demise. It looked like they could come up with a good one for Tony’s death, but the general vibe from this trailer is that he will make it, as you suspect. Personally, if they do kill off Steve, I will be inclined to say they did so for PC reasons. Natasha will live, I think, on the same grounds and because she’ll be getting her own film in 2020/21. Even if that film is a flashback piece, Marvel clearly wants her in the spotlight for as long as possible. I think she’s actually the least likely of the original cast to get the axe in Endgame.

      That’s also why I hope Endgame will be a variation on the Star Trek/Stargate stories where the team goes back in time to save the future. In the process of several of those stories the future versions of the heroes died, but their past selves remained alive to continue the story, avoiding the bad future in the process. There is no guarantee of that for the Avengers, of course; I’m just *hoping* that that will be the case.

      The Quantum Realm will probably be of help in reversing the Decimation (Snappening and Snapture sound so much better by comparison…), and it would explain how Scott survived being dusted. Carol Danvers is, in this author’s opinion, at her best when providing fire support for the rest of the team. She really has nothing else to add to Endgame from what we can tell right now, and I hope the Studio and writers recognize that fact the way the Russos have.

      A ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’-style moment for Thanos would be perfect. He deserves to see his dark vision destroyed, and to see real love triumph over his selfish love in a glorious way. But I’m not sure Scott or Hawkeye will get to deliver the coup de grace. They are the ones who should get it, naturally, but in the end I think Nebula will probably give her “father” the killing blow, or contribute greatly to it.

      Your must-see list is longer than mine; I’m just looking forward to Endgame! After that, well…. We’ll see what comes up.

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