Reposted: How a Structured Writing Environment Makes You More Creative

Whew! Writing about grammar takes a lot out of an author, readers! I need a little space before I can get back to writing regularly here again. So for the time being, here is a reposted article from Meg Dowell’s site, Novelty Revisions, to tide you over until I have more posts prepared and ready to go:

Common Mistakes People Make on IELTS writing -

How a Structured Writing Environment Makes You More Creative

I thought I’d stick with freelance writing full-time. That was my plan, when I set my 2017 writing and career goals. Then I accidentally got hired to write full-time somehow (impostor syndrome, is that you?) and realized I had a lot more to learn about writing than I thought.

In my mind, creativity required as much freedom as possible. I needed to be able to work when or where I wanted, with weekly deadlines and not much direction.

I look at creativity a little differently now.

In the beginning of this new branch of my budding career, part of me secretly wondered if I was making the wrong choice. Because working for a media company meant stricter, more frequent deadlines; more restrictions on what I was allowed to write about; a tighter pitching process, more self-editing, and having to follow a very specific set of guidelines for every single thing I wrote.

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