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A Catholic Sister with Game!

The title below says it all, readers; this was one game sister!

Many people may not know that there were two bandits in the Old West who went by the name Billy the Kid. The second Billy – often known as William Bonney – is the one everyone recognizes and who has had movies made about him. The first Billy the Kid’s real name was Arthur Pond, and though there were many “penny dreadful” novels written about his exploits, these days he has been overshadowed by his successor, Bonney.

If you want to know how a Catholic sister got tangled up with a Western bandit, read Mr. McClarey’s full piece by clicking on the link following the preview here:

Sister Blandina and the Original Billy the Kid

Published Friday, October 12, 2012 A.D. | By Donald R. McClarey

Rose Marie Segale was born on January 23, 1850 in the small village of Cicagna in Italy. When she was four she and her family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, part of the initial wave of immigration from Italy to America.  From her earliest childhood she was determined to be a sister and frequently told her father that she wanted to join the Sisters of Charity as soon as she was old enough. She began her novitiate at the age of 16. When she professed her vows she took the name of Blandina Segale.  She taught at Steubenville and Dayton, and in 1872 she was ordered to Trinidad for missionary work.  Initially she thought that she was being sent to the island and was thrilled. Instead, she was sent to Trinidad, Colorado, in the western part of that state.

What she found when she got there, was a town that was frequently visited by outlaws and where lynchings were common. A fairly rugged environment for a 22-year-old sister!

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