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John C. Wright, author of Somewither, Iron Chamber of Memory, and other stories stated that Memory was inspired by a dream he had and felt compelled to write down. There is an author who once told me that my dreams would be the inspiration for my stories and, while I have had several dreams during sleep which inspired fictional pieces, most are still in the “notes only” stage of writing.

Ninety percent of my stories come from daydreams, not the dreams which visit me in my sleep (although, as of this writing, I have been having some really unusual dreams). Those are special and, while I wish they came more frequently, they do not seem to be the kind of thing that one can whistle up on command.

Daydreams can start because you want them to, or they can begin because you let your mind drift while “staring at nothing.” More than once I have gazed blankly out a window while my mind was in an alternate reality. More than a few authors have experienced these moments; these are the times when you feel you have entered a world where time does not matter. All that matters is what unfolds before your mind’s eye: worlds, people, cultures, animals, ships – they all appear, fight, flame out, or grow to heroic proportions when an author is daydreaming. After something somehow pulls us back down to Earth (in my case, it often literally feels like I have been dragged out of the sky), a continuously expanding story/world map and character roster can begin tumbling around in our minds, begging to be set down as notes or immediately as a story.

Night dreams are, sadly, not one of my biggest sources of story material (not yet, anyway) but daydreams are. There is nothing wrong or “silly” about using either for a tale you may have in mind, future writers. Sometimes dreams really are the best way to find inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I experience daydreams similarly. Usually, it’s through listening to music or driving. An idea starts to form and mold itself to the thoughts or ideas I’m forming for a story. Characters go through the motions and I string them together. Eventually, I pen them down in a note book. I’ve got such a long list of books to write.

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  2. I am simple blogger. I see John C Wright, I like post. Even though Iron Chamber of Memory wasn’t my absolute favorite, it’s a remarkable work and the story behind it makes it more so.

    And who doesn’t choreograph out their *cough* character’s heroic deeds via daydreams? 😉

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